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A  B  O U  T    U  S

"Fight or Flight... but all we've ever wanted was to soar." 

One diagnosis, one disease, billions affected. 

When something really terrible happens, something that seems earth-shattering, end of the world, completely and utterly awful, we will face a set of physiological changes. First, our body will face a change in our sympathetic nervous system. Our hearts will start pounding, our blood pressure will go up and our blood glucose will increase. What we do in this situtaion is crucial: Will we run? Will we freeze? Will we hide? Will we fight or will we flight?   

The Amazing Race to Find a Cure Was Born

When my grandfather lost his battle to lung cancer in 2013, I chose to flight. Only 10 years old at the time, after experiencing the traumatic event of losing my grandpa, I immediately ran away from any idea of cancer. 

F i g h t  o r  F l i g h t

Even though I was only 10, I should have known running away from my problems would never work. Flighting never works. There would always be an empty space in my heart where I would long for one last hug from my grandfather, and I needed to do something about it. 

13 years old now, I chose to fight. The combination of my favorite TV show, The Amazing Race, and the idea of helping others was the motivation to create The Amazing Race to Find a Cure. With a goal of raising $400 and spreading lung cancer awareness, a small town scavenger hunt was born. 

The Amazing Race Scavenger Hunt, Year One.

O  U  R     M  I  S  S  O  N

The Amazing Race Scavenger Hunt, Year One.

So far, The Amazing Race to Find a Cure has raised $35,000 for Mass General Hospital's Lung Cancer Research Fund and we are not close to being finished. With many more fundraisers,we will continue our effort to make a difference. We believe that if we work together to raise awareness and funds for lung cancer research, we will never be forced to fight or flight when encountering lung cancer again. With the proper funds, hard working doctors and patients, and of course, hearts full of hope, we know we can find a cure for lung cancer.  

Thank you and welcome to the Amazing Race to Find A Cure team. 

We are thrilled you are joining us on our journey to find a cure and together, we will continue to soar. 


Devyn and The Amazing Race team. 


EST. 2015